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Ten-You Exhibition Event in Tokyo: The art of calligraphy and so much more

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Ten-You Exhibition Event in Tokyo: The art of calligraphy and so much more

Laura Leiva and Horace C. White

Modern Tokyo Time

Ancient character artist, Ten-You (http://www.ten-you.net/), is scheduled for an appearance at the 5th Anniversary Exhibition “The Line” held October 6 through 8 at the Nippori Tennoji Temple Jyozendo Hall in Tokyo. Guests to the event have an opportunity to enjoy musical performances and charity talks by notable figures, including Ten-You.

Award-winning Ten-You has presented various successful exhibitions since 2007. Many enjoy her art around the world, including major international cities such as New York City, Paris, Barcelona — and countries, such as New Zealand and Denmark. Ten-You is known for using ancient characters and transforming them into stunning pieces of calligraphy art.

The art of ancient Chinese characters dates back to the “Shang” or “Yin” Dynasty (17 BC through 11 BC) and the writing found in this period is a direct link to the Chinese script used in modern day writing. Ancient characters hold a sacred meaning, and the 3,000 original characters are now a root of approximately 50,000 contemporary Chinese characters, and thousands of characters in modern Japanese Kanji.

Fashion Illustrator Garance Dore visited Ten-You to learn the art of calligraphy from the master herself. “My calligraphy lesson taught me something incredibly important and that I hope to use in my work. Ten-You taught me to trace a simple line and I tried to do it right and fast, as a good pupil SHOULD. She told me it wasn’t right, that what I had to do was put my spirit behind it. Drawing a line became an entirely new experience,” Dore said.

By exhibiting the art of calligraphy, people of all ages will appreciate the beauty and meaning behind Ten-You’s work. Those around the world see the ancient characters of Chinese and Japanese through her eyes – creating a truly moving experience. The fifth anniversary exhibition celebrates the time in which Ten-You gained independence as an artist. The exhibition spans three days and features character workshops, meditation dance performances, educational talks and live music.

If you adore the richness of Japanese culture and the linkage with ancient China, then clearly this exhibition will be most rewarding.



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