If you ever have a plan to come to Japan ,check please .

TEN-YOU GUMI is the popular art group which can express Ancient Characters calligraphy
with a whole body and soul.We have been fascinated and inspired with Ancient Characters.It is called KODAI MOJI, and the origin of the current Kanji characters.

About 3.300years ago, in China, the communications between nature god and king
were recorded with sacred characters, which were also called divination.

We have been actively taking part in many events throughout the world and continue showing
“SHO ART” from Yanaka Tennouji temple worldwide.


○workshopfee \4000(2h)
Yanaka “Tennouji” (JR Nippori st.)Twice a month weekend
Komagome “Yuu-an” (JR Komagomei st.) Twice a month Thursday and more…

Looking for participants



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